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TOWN HALL MEETING - V3 Ultra Lounge - April 13, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I call upon you and all your friends to support Ms. Lien Tran.  We will come together tomorrow at V3 Ultra Lounge, 3:30PM, in a formal town-hall to discuss the below incident.

On January 28, 2012, our sister, a single mother raising a child of 4 years old was brutally assaulted and raped. 

A man forced himself into the Mars and Venus Spa, which she owns, beat her, tore off parts of her clothes, and raped her:  he forced her face upon his penis for oral sex.  He held her at knifepoint and threatened to cut her in pieces if she didn’t submit to his force.  All the while, she screamed in terror.  And as she fought hopelessly, she recognized his eyes!  She realized that this was the same man who raped another woman three years ago – at the exact location in which he now attacked her.

Miraculously, she escaped further indignity because someone knocked on a nearby door.  The man then threatened her life again, calmly took a candy from the counter, unwrapped it, popped it into his mouth, and left.  The victim ran into the streets, clothes torn and half naked.  She yelled for help, but all the bystanders ran from her.  Finally, in desperation, she flung herself on a passing taxi cab.  She called 911.

The City of Falls Church, VA. police arrived at the crime scene.  They fingerprinted the premises, examined the onsite video recorder, and extracted a digital color recording of the assault, rape, and the assailant.  They made an arrest: they arrested Ms. Lien Tran, the victim.  They alleged that she operated a spa conducting full body massages without a permit, a class 1 misdemeanor.    

The City’s Chief of Police, Col. Harry  Reitze, assigned a detective to investigate Ms. Lien Tran’s massage without a permit violation.  The Colonel, however, inexplicably  assigned a patrol officer, Sgt. Lancaster, to investigate the assault and rape of Ms. Tran. 

The investigation by the detective was astoundingly thorough and resulted in charges against Ms. Tran.  When reached for comment, the detective said, “We had three anonymous calls that Ms. Tran gave ‘happy endings.’”  Additionally the detective stated, “[Ms. Tran’s] advertisement on Craigslist ended with ‘ . . .’ which means that she provides sexual acts for money.”    

The Court summoned Ms. Tran on various days, and when she appeared without an attorney on those occasions, the Court finally issued her a warning stating that if she were to come to court on April 11, 2012, without an attorney, she does so at her own peril.  She then retains my law firm.

I have attached the transcript of the April 11, 2012, proceedings for your read.

Court Transcript

Trần Hậu Duệ, Esq.

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